How it works

How it works


The best time to rent a long term property on Ibiza is from October to March. The closer we get to the summer season, the more difficult it will be to find good housing. Most owners rent their properties out during the summer season to tourists or seasonal workers and this makes finding a good long term rental in the summer almost impossible. Nevertheless, from September onwards we are happy to deal with the requests again.


The rental market is rather overwrought. The demand exceeds the supply and is approximately comparable to the situation in a cities like Amsterdam and London. To give you an idea of the prices please take a look under the tab properties. We have two different types of rental: a year based contract and a six months summer contract. The value of real estate in the summer is higher than in the winter and so is  the monthly rental prices.

When renting a property with a brokerage commission is due. Also a security deposit is requested by the owner. In most cases the deposit equals 1 to 2 months rent.

We recommend you to come to Ibiza and to view the properties that are available at that moment. A few days before you come we will set up a tour of the houses we are going to visit. If any similar options come up we will add them on your list.
Because of the rapidness that houses on Ibiza are rented out, most owners have the position to choose the tenant. Normally the timespan between selecting and starting the rental agreement is just few weeks. Please also note that when choosing a property the deposit must be paid immediately, this is to take the property off the market.

Most houses are rented excluding gas, water and electricity. Some properties in the Campo have an own water well. The quality of this water can vary,  but in general the water is better than the water from the mains, which is hard water and often have a salty taste. Some houses have an osmosis system which prepares  water main  (so you can drink it). On Ibiza gas is provided by gas cylinders that can be acquired at many points on the island.

International television can only be watched if the house has both dish and proper installation. In case the selected house doesn’t have the required installations, we can provide you several contacts that offer these services.

Most houses on Ibiza have a phone line that makes it possible to get the internet. In some Campo houses they have to use mobile internet or satellite internet. In the city of Ibiza, plans for fast internet through fiber are available. We also have several contacts providing these services.

The standard rental contract states subletting is not allowed. In some cases owners allow subletting. In these cases a license is needed.

The official language is Catalan and the original inhabitants called Ibicencos speak a derivative thereof: Ibicenco. However, the majority speaks Castilian / Spanish and you can certainly get away well with English and some hands and foot signs…

A gestor is an administrative consultant who interacts as an intermediary between you and the various Spanish authorities.The gestor knows how the Spanish system works and which information is needed in order to obtain certain licenses or documents. They can also provide accounting, tax returns, payroll and taxes. The gestor is also the person to go to if you want to bring a foreign car on the island.

A NIE is an identification number for foreigners. You are obliged to apply for an NIE number when you stay in Spain for more than 3 months. On Ibiza you are required to register at the police station. The gestor can help you with this so the process can be accelerated. Moreover, having an NIE number is obligatory for phone, internet subscriptions and the purchase of a Spanish car.

Once we have visited a house where the spark has beaten, we will immediately communicate to the owner that there is interest to enter to the next phase. After having been through the rental conditions in detail, deposit payment is required.  The owner can now take the property off the market and cancel other visits. Following to this,  the rental contract will be drawn up and in a matter of one or two days the contract will be sign by both parties and the brokerage fee will be paid. Before the lease can start the rental payment have to be settled.

Congratulations with your new home. If you need any assistance with hiring any suppliers we can help you by referring you good enterprises. Also if during the rental period you need any assistance to communicate with the owner we will be happy to be there for you.

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